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Under Construction Now!
Jim and Carole Mounier Golf Training Center

(click here for a pdf map of property!)

Phase II - Team Short Game Green at North End
     (click here for a pdf drawing)

Left:  Executive Associate Athletic Director Larry Lyons and Benefactor Jim Mounier visit the construction site.  June 22, 2012.

Right:  Illinois State President Dr. Al Bowman gets a look at the project.  July 18, 2012


Left: Superintendent Mike Rayman takes Mr. Mounier on a drive through the site.  June 22, 2012.

Right: Benefactor Carole Mounier gets her first look at the project!  July 31, 2012.


Left:  DA Weibring, Athletic Director Gary Friedman, Rick Percy, Contractor Larry Denton, and Mike Cushing discuss plans.  June 4, 2012.

Right:  A view of the pre-construction site from 80 feet in the air!  June 4, 2012.

Both Left and Right:  Breaking Ground! June 13, 2012.


Both Left and Right:  Taking shape! 400 yards from front to back of range.  175 yards left to right.  July 6, 2012

Left:  Target greens can be seen. July 6, 2012.

Right: Installing first drain tiles. July 6, 2012


Left:  The serpentine target green is taking shape. July 17, 2012. 

Right: A little closer look. July 17, 2012.



Left: Superintendent Mike Rayman and DA Weibring talk about the maintenance plan. July 17.

Right:  Coach Ray Kralis and DA sketch out a new team chipping green.
July 17.

Left: DA shares his vision with Gary Friedman, Matt Lyons, Mike Rayman, Larry Lyons, and Ray Kralis. July 17

Right:  DA taking one final look around for the day.  July 17


 Left:  DA visits with Redbird Alum Brad Barker.  July 18

Right: Coach Ray Kralis, Brad Barker, DA Weibring, and Harland Kilborn enjoy the day. July 18


 Left and Right: DA Weibring shows Superintendent Mike Rayman and President Al Bowman sketches for a new team practice green complex for the back of the property.

Left and Right:  Team Chipping Green taking shape!