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Family Golf Programs

 Coming Soon!

The PGA Family Course Program:
  • Makes golf more enjoyable for players new to game
  • Establishes a beginner-friendly short course within any existing golf facility
  • Provides a simple transition as each player’s ability increases
  • Enables players of varying abilities to shoot similar scores
  • Encourages parents and kids to play golf together
  • PGA Family "Blue" Course - Level 1
    • Par 3's: 45-85 yards
    • Par 4's: 85-135 yards
    • Par 5's: 135-195 yards
  • PGA Family "Gold" Course - Level 2
    • Par 3's: 75-115 yards
    • Par 4's: 185-245 yards
    • Par 5's: 285-345 yards