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The Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) is a non-profit association of member clubs and individual golfers in Illinois and parts of Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. With 90,000 member golfers at nearly 400 member clubs, the CDGA is one of the largest and oldest golf associations in the United States. Founded on March 18, 1914, the CDGA was established to promote amateur golf in the Midwest.

HANDICAP PROGRAM - Authorized by the USGA, the CDGA provides a Handicap Index® to all members. Records are maintained and updated for 90,000 CDGA members throughout the year in the Chicago District. The Association’s membership is comprised of men, women and juniors from nearly 400 public and private clubs.

2010 Season officially begins on Thursday, April 1.
(This is the first day for accepting scores)

2010 Season officially ends Sunday, October 31.
(This is the final day for accepting scores)

The 2010 CDGA Handicap revision dates are as follow:
Season Opener April 1
1 April 15
2 May 1
3 May 15
4 June 1
5 June 15
6 July 1
7 July 15
8 August 1
9 August 15
10 September 1
11 September 15
12 October 1
13 October 15
Final November 1


Any rounds played in the District during the months of November through March are NOT to be posted for handicap purposes. However, if rounds are played in areas of the country that are in season, they are to be posted,