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IHSA Boys Class 2AA State Championship 

October 12-13, 2012

Illinois High School Association

Live Scoring Attendants -- 

Volunteers will be stationed at six locations throughout the course (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 greens) to communicate hole-by-hole scores back to Tournament Central for posting on the Internet. Live Scoring Attendants will be provided with a two-way radio for communication and a golf cart for transportation to and from their assigned location, lunch, and beverages during your shift .  A volunteer for this position is offering to commit approximately 3 hours per shift. 


Live Scoring Time Friday (10/12) Saturday (10/13)
#3 Green 9:00-12:00  Mike Leisner Ted Delaney
  12:00-3:00  Harlan Fuller Ted Delaney
#6 Green 9:00-12:00  Larry Mohundro Bruce Harris
  12:00-3:00  Tudy Schmied  Mike Leisner
#9 Green 9:00-12:00  Kent Ayers Tim Ramsey
  12:00-3:00  Nick Webb Maggie Killian
#12 Green 9:00-12:00 Terry Holleman  Tudy Schmied
  12:00-3:00  Jeff Wollenweber David Brown
#15 Green 9:00-12:00  Barb Cothren Jill Hutchison
  12:00-3:00  Julie Cochran Ben Burkett
#18 Green 9:00-12:00  Don Witherow Steve Tello
  12:00-3:00  Tom Mellor Tom Mellor


Spectator/Parking Shuttle Drivers --   Five four-passenger golf carts will make continuous loops between the remote parking lot on West Gregory, Weibring Golf Club Clubhouse, and four locations throughout the course (4, 7, 13, and 16 tee boxes). These shuttle carts are designed to assist spectators from zone to zone.  Volunteers for this position are offering to commit 2-3 hours per shift.  Volunteers will be provided with a complimentary lunch and beverages during your shift. 

Spectator/Parking Shuttle Friday Saturday
8:00-11:00   Sal Scalise Sal Scalise
8:00-11:00  Mike Biggs   Sierra Burris
8:00-11:00 CVB - Dennis Mohrman CVB - Pat Murphy
8:00-11:00 CVB - Dave Kobus CVB - Dave Kobus
8:00-11:00 CVB - Jen Clark  Linda Herman
11:00-2:00 Dean Baird                    Dean Baird          
11:00-2:00 Tim Majerczyk   Tim Neef       
11:00-2:00 CVB - Megan Juarez Darcy Tegtmeier     
11:00-2:00 CVB - Jayne Hampton Kelsey Hoover  
11:00-2:00  Nolan Grace Rick Peterson
2:00-5:00  CVB - Linda Ellerman UH JV Boys  (5-7 boys)
2:00-5:00  CVB - Lisa Juliano UH JV Boys
2:00-5:00  Pat McCormick UH JV Boys

General Instructions
A Volunteer Registration Table will be located in the tent next to the clubhouse pavilion.  

Volunteers should report 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of their shift.  This will give you enough time to be briefed on your responsiblities and report to your location.

Please contact Laura at or  438-8065 if you have any questions.